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Each year, hashi.org awards three $1,000 scholarships – one to a Japanese, one to a Korean, and one to an American.

Travel scholarships are offered on a competitive basis. They are awarded on the bases of need and overall intent for usage as expressed in the application essay. The scholarships could be used for a variety of overseas programs, including but not limited to home stays, student exchange, volunteering, work, etc.

Please click on the appropriate image below for the country that you are applying from.

S. Korea
  • May 1st–June 15th: Application period for Japanese scholarship
  • July 1st: Japanese scholarship winner announced

  • July 1st–August 15th: Application period for American scholarship
  • September 1st: American scholarship winner announced

  • September 1st–October 15th: Application period for Korean scholarship
  • November 1st: Korean scholarship winner announced
Please check back during your application period, and there will be a link to the online application page. Or take a look at our sample application page.
  • Be 16 years of age or older.
  • Be interested in participating in the type of international programs that hashi.org promotes between South Korea, Japan, and America.
  • Be able to cope with the challenges of adjusting to different cultures.
  • Be able to fund the remainder of travel costs not covered by the scholarship.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Be able to use the scholarship within one year of receiving it.
  • Agree to allow hashi.org to use your photograph and selected portions of your biography to encourage others to participate in our scholarship program.
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