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Penpals / On-line Friends (Korea)
Penpals / On Line Friends / Language Exchange
You can use The Chinese Outpost Personals to meet new international friends, find pen-pals and language learning partners, or meet your ideal match! We're the only service that will match you in THREE different ways, according to your Language Exchange, Dating, and Travel preferences. Especially popular with American, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Chinese Outpost Personalsは海外の友達やペンパル/文通相手、外国語を勉強する為のパートナーや、理想的な恋人!を捜すのに役立つサイトです。ランゲージエクスチェンジ、恋人探し、旅行に関する事の3つのサービスがあります。アメリカ、日本、韓国そして中国で特に人気です。http://friends.chinese-outpost.com/public/home.jhtml

Penpals / On Line Friends
With "Pen Pals International", you create an account like myspace.com or other profile type sites and make friends similarly by allowing other to look at your "site". There is a link titled "Show a Random Account", which is another good way to find other people in a random manner.

Pen Pals Internationalで、myspaceのようなあなたのアカウントを作って、趣味の共通した友達を作りましょう。Show a Random Accountというリンクも、友達を捜すのに良い方法です。http://ppi.searchy.net/

Penpals / On Line Friends
Website for those who want to communicate with others on an international level. People are separated in categories according to nationality, gender, and age by ten year intervals.


Penpals / On Line Friends / Myspace
The "gold standard" of American on-line friends/penpals is international, too! Here one can make friends with anyone from anywhere it seems. People can also share music, leave comments, and share stories and experiences on their "profiles", and meet people from all over the world.


Juju - Penpals / On Line Friends 펜팔/온라인친구

JuJu is a new and exciting community of friends and penpals from around the world.
- Meet international friends from other countries and cultures (FREE!)

- Hang out with people when you study, work, or travel abroad

- Discover penpals and exchange letters in the mail

- Find language exchange partners

- Find a travel companion

- Host other travelers

- And much more!


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