A searchable database of cultural exchange opportunities between America and East Asia

Welcome to hashi.org! Our website is a searchable database of cultural exchange opportunities between America and East Asia. This site supports English, 日本語 (Japanese), and 한국의 (Korean). We are excited to be building hashi.org in order to make it easy for you to find opportunities to reach-out - whether it's finding a new job half-way around the world, or just finding a pen-pal in another country - hashi.org is dedicated to being a "bridge," from one person to another, one country to another. Each year, we offer three $1000 scholarships to recipients to take advantage of these cultural opportunities.

My name is Michael J Downey, and hashi.org began after I took my first trip to Japan and South Korea in 2004. Having always had an interest in Asian culture, people, and history, this trip happened at a time in my life, or maybe a time in the world, that called for reaching out beyond my safe, little world in California, USA. We live in a time where there is great unrest in the world. In America, and around the world, many people are not happy with the way that the USA is "reaching out" in the world today. Rather than jump on the bandwagon and complain, I decided to "reach out" in my own way. In 2005, with the help of many friends, both here and in Japan, I was fortunate to do a musical tour of Japan and played 7 shows in 3 different cities. That tour was named "The Hashi Tour" (the bridge tour).

Since that first tour, there have been many more, yet I've felt the need to do something more than the music tours. Something that could in some small way make it easier for anybody to reach out and extend the hand of friendship out there in the world. And so, again with the help of friends, hashi.org was born.You can help us by offering your suggestions, participating in the forums, and letting us know about your 'reaching out' experiences. Also, we depend on you to submit new opportunities to be explored by others in Asia or America. So, have fun! And let us hear from you!
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